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NICQ Quality Improvement Collaboratives

NICQ logo VON offers members the opportunity to participate in multi-center quality improvement collaboratives. The NICQ collaborative allows for more intensive program of virtual and in-person activities, while iNICQ our internet-based collaborative, allows centers to participate with others through a series of web-based conferences.

Beginning in January 2014, NICQ Next: Innovations in Newborn Care will present a two-year hybrid model for improvement, combining a series of virtual and in-person activities. All participants will attend virtual video visits to three Centers of Innovation and will participate in five web sessions focused on improving quality and applying generalizable lessons from the Centers of Innovation.

Building on the global concept of innovation, centers will select a homeroom or affinity group. The homerooms will be led by a skilled faculty quintet including a QI facilitator, two content experts, a parent and an ONSITE leader. Homerooms will work virtually to apply lessons from the virtual video visits toward very specific local improvement aims. Participants will also take part in an ONSITE immersion learning experience at a designated center from within their homeroom. Additionally, up to four members from participating centers will receive complimentary registration to attend the in-person Quality Symposium held in conjunction with the 2014 Quality Congress.

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